EMDR is a technique that utilizes a protocol that unpacks aspects of specific target symptoms. Through the use of eye movements, taps, or alternating tones, an internal process is activated that moves individuals through a web of associations to earlier life experiences. Targeted symptoms become more transparent, more understandable. I tend to think of this process as free association on steroids.

We use the protocols and processes of EMDR to access connections between the present problems and the past. The process facilitates healing in a remarkable way.

The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance refers newly diagnosed cancer patients for work with EMDR therapists, as research has shown that EMDR helps individuals coping with serious illness and loss, including the overwhelming transitions attendant to dealing with life threatening illness.

Although much of the research on EMDR is focused on post-traumatic conditions, practitioners have found it effective for a variety of conditions.

See the following links for two short videos that demonstrate something of the process of EMDR.

There are also two short articles on my blog that convey concepts and applications of the EMDR technique.

EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) has more in depth information about EMDR.