A Little Introduction To The Body Sensing Meditation

This link will take you to a restful, easy to follow "body sensing" meditation that lasts somewhat less than 20 minutes.

"Body sensing" is a technique that rotates attention through the body in a deliberate, aware and mindful manner. We try to bypass visualizing and thinking about parts of the body as we mention them (although this may not happen right away) and rather touch the body with our mind, so to speak. Some parts of the body will be more accessible than others, which is natural. If you repeat this meditation you will find that you can access more areas with practice. Whatever your experience try to be non-judging and kind to yourself in the process.

In the first few minutes I will suggest finding a place of security and ease, maybe even safety, that you can bring to mind. This can be a real place with which you have had experience or a fantasied place, or a sacred/spiritual place. Once you have located this, again use your senses to sharpen the experience and notice how your body feels when you bring this to mind. It is wonderful to practice this when you are not formally meditating so that it gets implanted in your experience and you can go to it whenever you need to "de-stress."

One last thought: many will fall asleep during this, at least initially. The teaching is that most likely the effect is still absorbed by the not-fully-awake-mind and you will still get the benefits.


20-minute Meditation

Mindful Meditation